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Banned Websites Awareness Day Resources September 8, 2011

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Ask many school librarians and other educators about excessive filtering of websites in their schools, and many have story after story to relate.

On May 5, 2011, the AASL Intellectual Freedom Committee posted a blog entry “Filtering as an IntellectualFreedom Issue” drawing attention to the problem of overly aggressive filtering.

In June 2011, the AASL Board took another step to begin a dialogue on this issue. It approved the creation of a day, Banned Websites Awareness Day, to bring awareness to filtering practices in K-12 schools.

On Wednesday, September 28, 2011, AASL is launching the first annual Banned Websites Awareness Day to spotlight the problem of excessive filtering of legitimate educational Internet websites in many K-12 schools. AASL is providing resources for school librarians and others concerned with how filtering is affecting teachers’ ability to effectively use the Internet as an instructional resource and equally as important how it is affecting student learning.

The AASL Banned Websites Awareness Day landing page provides the following:

What will your response be to Banned Websites Awareness Day? How does filtering of educational websites affect the instruction and learning in your school? What are your stories about filtering incidents?  What successful strategies have you used with administrators to request a more measured approach to filtering? Can you contribute ideas for an activity you will use to recognize Banned Websites Awareness Day?

Posted on behalf of the AASL Intellectual Freedom Committee


1. Sue Lantelme - September 8, 2011

Can AASL put a poll together asking students to nominate their favorite site which could be “free a site today”?

2. Lynn Silbernagel - September 15, 2011

As an independent school we have purposely chosen not to filter. In our middle school this is a wonderful opportunity to discuss with students our decision and what that means for them.

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