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Sharing Research in Our Field December 21, 2012

Posted by Heather Moorefield-Lang in Publications, School Library Research.

Just in time for the holidays The AASL Research and Statistics Committee wish to share a few new articles with you. These are some recent publications that you might like to take a look at over or after your holiday break. As with our first posting last month the idea behind the blog post is to create an atmosphere of scholarship, making our peers in the field more aware of research via the AASL blog. We hope the articles featured are ones that you will read and enjoy. Please feel free to recommend others in the comments section.

1.  Johnston, M. P. (2012). School librarians as technology integration leaders: Enablers and barriers to leadership enactment. School Library Research, (15). Retrieved from: http://www.ala.org/aasl/slr/volume15/johnston.

School librarians are leaders in their schools. One area where this leadership should be shown but is often overlooked is in the area of technology integration. In this article, Johnston describes the research she conducted identifying the enablers and the barriers that are associated with this leadership role. Reading this research will make the school librarian more aware of the technology integration and how to embrace it.

2.  Herbers, J. E., Cutuli, J. J., Supkoff, L. M., Heistad, D., Chan, C.,  Hinz, E., &  Masten,  A. S. (2012). Early reading skills and academic achievement trajectories of students facing poverty, homelessness, and high residential mobility. Educational Researcher, 41(9). Retrieved from http://www.aera.net/tabid/14681/Default.aspx

The researchers in this study investigated the relationship of early academic success to later academic paths amongst over 18,000 students grouped by their levels of socioeconomic status and risk. Students who were homeless or of high mobility were the main focus of this study. Evidence supporting programs and aid for students in homeless and high mobility situations is discussed in this article.

3. Dickenson, G. (2012). Professional learning networks through publishing. Knowledge Quest, 41(2). 50-54.

Gail shares options and opportunities for professionals in the field of library science to share their experiences with their peers through publishing. Some possibilities listed are the AASL Lesson Plan database, reviewing materials for publications, book reviews, as well as advice for making the move to writing articles.

Heather Moorefield-Lang: AASL Research and Statistics Committee Member


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