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AASL Members Published in Independent School Magazine June 30, 2013

Posted by Jen Habley in Check this out!.

Posted on behalf of Dorcas Hand, Director of Libraries, Annunciation Orthodox School, Houston TX

The May issue of Independent School Magazine, the journal for NAIS*, includes the article “The New School Library: The Human Connection to Digital Resources and Academic Success” by AASL/ISS members Elisabeth Abarbanel (Brentwood School, CA), Sarah Davis (Viewpoint School, CA), Dorcas Hand (Annunciation Orthodox School, TX) and Matthew Wittmer (Buckley School, CA). The issue theme is “The Great Disruption: Technology and the Future of Schools” and includes several other powerful articles.

Interested readers can find the “The New School Library” online. (The article is even prettier in print; track down a paper copy for the graphics!)  While the article is useful in itself, it is important because it takes the conversation about the importance of school libraries to excellence in education to the administrators who are making decisions about library funding and librarian jobs. As one of the co-authors, I hope to see more articles like this coming out. Carl Harvey wrote in Educational Leadership not long ago. We all need to step up, getting the word beyond our library community. The Chicago conference will be a great time to get new ideas about how to voice the issues; then go home and see where you can get noticed!

*National Assn of Independent Schools, an organization for administrators of independent and private schools across the US. AASL is an organizational member of NAIS.


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