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Ideas for Using AASL Best Websites: Socrative October 11, 2013

Posted by Heather Moorefield-Lang in Best Websites for Teaching and Learning.

AASL Best Websites for Teaching and Learning Committee members continue this month with ideas in how to use Best Website winners in libraries and classrooms. This month we will be featuring the student response system site Socrative.




Socrative is an online tool where librarians and their peer educators create a “room” within which multiple choice, true/false, quick answer, polls, and other questions can be created ahead of time or on the fly. Students then sign into the room and can interact in live time with the questions that have been created and posted by the teacher. Rooms are easy to create, questions are simple to make, student log-in is as effortless as a click of a button, and assessment is another useful feature as well.




Another perk of this site is from the student side, sign in is completely device agnostic. Whether they are using laptops in class, desktops in a lab, or hand-held devices, students can interact with the queries created by their instructors from any type of internet/wi fi based technology. If you can get on the internet, you can interact with Socrative.

The possibilities for Socrative in our libraries, classrooms, and schools are vast. Any situation where immediate response is needed with full class interaction, this is a great online tool. For instance, a librarian wants to ask students a short answer question about their favorite fantasy book. From the answers given, he or she can turn around and create an immediate poll and have students vote for their favorite or top five books. Using the multiple choice option is would be so easy to create questions about parts of a reliable website, sections of the library, or the correct and incorrect ways to take care of library technology. What can’t be asked when there so many options? Socrative also has a Space Race feature where students can work as teams and race against each other as they answer questions.

As of October 7th, Socrative 2.0 was introduced. It’s is in beta at the moment but well worth a view. 2.0 has a new, shiny look, offers students the opportunity to work at their own pace and in the order of their choosing. Socrative 2.0 will also have Common Core Standards tags to all assessments created in the program.

Socrative is a free, online student response program that keeps growing and offering more to those in education. The people who work at Socrative want to know how their product is used in educational settings and they are always looking to learn and grow. There are wonderful possibilities for classroom use with this site. We on the Best Websites committee are excited by this site and we hope that you will be too.

Heather Moorefield-Lang

Best Websites for Teaching and Learning Committee 2014

Committee Chair


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