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A Mind about Meetings November 22, 2013

Posted by Jen Habley in Check this out!.

Posted on behalf of Carrie Turner, Affiliate Assembly Delegate

Carrie Turner NESLAThis past summer our state organization NSLA (NE School Librarians Association) in conjunction with the University of NE Omaha library program, and the Eastern Library System held its’ second bi-annual Heartland Conference. This conference is our attempt to reach school librarians from across the region and bring information that is relevant to their school libraries. With funding being cut in districts across our state and elsewhere, we held this affordable conference the first weekend in August, to avoid conflicting with school days. The featured speakers were Barbara Stripling and Marc Aronson addressing the topics of Inquiry and Common Core. Even though our state has not adopted the Common Core, it was exciting to hear new ideas and learn different approaches to teaching.

One thing I notice whenever attending a conference like that, is the energy and passion I feel when sharing a valuable learning experience with like-minded colleagues. The resulting conversations and ideas that freely flow cannot be duplicated. That became crystal clear to me as the AASL National Conference came and went. Due to budget cuts, I was unable to attend this year. Instead, I followed the conversations on Twitter and the AASL conference site. I read about great sessions and linked to information shared by speakers. I am incredibly grateful to have access to something like Twitter where all the “tweeps” and tweets kept me learning and informed!

There is one thing Twitter cannot duplicate, though. That’s the excitement I feel when I hear extraordinary ideas I can’t wait to share with my colleagues, (who can’t wait to share their own exciting thoughts from other sessions). So until Twitter can translate passion and excitement into tweets, I’ll be planning on attending conferences in person, including Columbus, OH in 2015!


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