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Tuesday Tech Tips March 4, 2014

Posted by Judy Deichman in Check this out!.


Today I would like to recommend a social networking site that can be a great tool for launching your own professional learning community.  It is easy to use, does requires registration, but most importantly, it is FREE!  Once you register, you complete a personal profile and decide upon your own privacy settings and a Home Page is created for you.  You can take advantage of the wealth of educational tools, research, and webinars.  This network is run by administrators, teachers, professors, and LIBRARIANS!  You can work and share with others throughout the country or just within your district or school.  Here are some of the tools available within the community:

* Blogging

* Discussion Forums

* Calendars

* Document Libraries

* Chat Rooms

* Polls & Quizzes

* Wiki

* Bloglinks/Weblinks

Please check it out.  See if you can find our great librarians throughout the website!


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