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Let’s Get Together Thursday – Collaborative Notetaking March 13, 2014

Posted by Brooke Ahrens in Check this out!.
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As a Google Apps for Education school, we frequently use Google Docs as a collaborative tool. From WASC reports to students assignments, Google Docs are in use almost daily at our site.  So, when I saw this article, Use Google Docs to Collaborate on Class Note Taking, I thought it might be of interest to our staff and students and planned a staff training to introduce the concept.

Working with about 25 teachers,  we broke into groups of 3-4 and tried using the Google Docs Collaborative Note Taking technique to take notes on a short instructional video. We discovered that what we thought would be simple, was actually quite challenging. Even with assigned tasks, navigating the different learning styles and note-taking techniques of each group member was hard in real time. However, we all agreed that with instruction and practice, collaborative note taking could be a helpful technique for our students and staff.

If you are interested in trying collaborative note taking at your site, Google Docs is not the only option. Websites like PiratePad.net, or etherpad.org can be used to create collaborative writing environments very similar to Google Docs and don’t require an account. Personally, I think a virtual wall site like Padlet.com might be even easier to use for collaborative note taking.  On these sites, users can create and post their own “sticky notes” to the wall simultaneously, without all using the same writing space.  Afterward, repeated notes or ideas could be moved and grouped into categories or themes.

Have you discovered other ways to take collaborative notes?


1. Floyd Pentlin - March 13, 2014

What is the point of collaborative note-taking? It sounds interesting but why would one want to do it — as opposed to simply taking notes individually?

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2. Brooke Ahrens - March 14, 2014

The idea behind the concept is that collectively, students would be able to create notes that were more robust, included additional links, images and information, and provided a way to get clarification in real time.

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