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Mondays Mean Advocacy: A Call to Action! March 17, 2014

Posted by Deanna Harris in Advocacy, Check this out!.
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action-clapboardMost dictionaries define advocacy as “the act of supporting a cause or recommendation” and we think of advocating for our cause by sharing our position, our work, our interests with others, especially those that we hope will also support our cause.

But I like Dictionary.com’s definition of advocacy the best: active espousal.

We can TALK all we want to about issues, our concerns, and our good works, but we must ACT or encourage others to ACT on behalf of our cause if we want to see real change. 

We are usually comfortable calling ourselves advocates.  We advocate for our library media programs.  We advocate for school librarians in every school.  We advocate for better resources and better budgets to purchase those resources.  But advocating often implies just talking about those items.

We have a hard time thinking of ourselves as activists.  That term sometimes implies rowdy crowds chanting and holding signs outside legislative buildings, and we don’t want to necessarily see ourselves in those overt and vulnerable positions.

But if we are going to affect real change, we have to move beyond talking: we have to move to action.  We have to be willing to take a stand for school libraries and school librarians.  We have to be willing to create the posters, the elevator speeches, and the dynamic presentations and actively seek out the right stakeholders: school boards, legislators, parent boards, community businesses.  We may even have to be willing to get rowdy!



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