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Tuesday Tech Tips May 6, 2014

Posted by Judy Deichman in Check this out!.




Did you know that there are some powerful tools with in the Google Images Search?

No, well I am going to share a few of the great ones today.  Once you search for Images, you click the Search tools tab.  This action brings in a new menu.  The first tab, Size, lets you regulate the size of the image for your search.  The Color tab is really exciting!  You can search for black & white images, full color, or just search for a particular color.  The Type tab lets you search for 6 different delineations, including clip art or animated.  As librarians, we have to love the Usage rights tab.  It outlines the rights users have for all images returned.  The More tools tab lets you choose between showing exact sizes of images or not.

orangeboys Here is search findings for Orange Boys!

Check this out!!!!



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