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What to Read Wednesday – Finding Something to Read Doesn’t Have to Be Boring – Epic Reads (HarperCollins) Infographics June 4, 2014

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Like me, you probably want to be able to recommend great books to people – be they kids or adults. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when people ask me for book recommendations out of the blue my mind goes BLANK. Yes, I can always come up with one or two, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Many times, the person you are talking to has read some of the books you mention so you need to be able to pull several out of your mental database. A great way to have a lot of titles at your fingertips is to save the wonderful Infographics that bloggers and publishers are creating. I’ll share some of my favorite below.

As I mentioned last week, I love what the people at HarperCollins create to promote their books and authors. The Epic Reads website is a wonderful source of information and Aubry and Margot who do the weekly Tea Time videos are fantastic.

First I’ll share the Like, Try, Why posters. I think these are great. Here is what Epic Reads says about this feature.


THE PROBLEM: You just finished an amazing YA book and you want to keep that satisfied feeling going, but you don’t know what to read next. Or alternatively, you’ve read something amazing and have been searching for the perfect follow up read, but have come up short every time.

THE SOLUTION: Never fear readers, because Epic Reads is here to solve all your bookish problems. Introducing our weekly feature, “Like, Try, Why”! Each week we’ll pick a few popular books (and sometimes even TV shoes or movies!!) that we adored and then PERSONALLY recommend what to read next. This is no automated feature, this is the real thang y’all. So sit back, relax and let this week’s Like, Try, Why introduce you to your next epic read.



























So far there are about 25 Like, Try, Why posters to use.

Most recently they have done something amazing.  Epic Reads created a Period Table of Epic Reads. It is a work of beauty.



Visit the website to see what all is included, or better yet, just spend some time staring at this work of art.

The YA Retellings Infographics are extensive. It includes 162 titles and took about 4 months of planning and research, 4 weeks of designing and 8 hours to compose the post when it was finally shared with the public. There are horizontal and vertical options and category options. It is absolutely amazing.



Not all the Infographics are this elaborate.  There are several that just deal with themes. There is one for winter themed books, romance books, and space books. Here is one of the more recent themes. Books that feature car crashes.

car crashes books


Another one of their themed posters is Gay in YA. It is very cleverly designed. I love it. (This one didn’t make it, but I would add FREAK SHOW by James St. James.)



WOW! See what I mean? There are tons of things out there to help you find something to read or recommend what to read to others. To see all the Infographics Epic Reads has created, click on this link.


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