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Let’s Get Together Thursdsay – YouCanBookMe June 5, 2014

Posted by Brooke Ahrens in Check this out!.
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I love working with other teachers, librarians and students. It’s great fun to develop new lessons, solve problems and gather inspiration, but finding time in my schedule is the largest obstacle.

A librarian friend forwarded me a link to YouCanBookMe.com months ago and I liked the concept. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to implement the software, or consider how I might use it. But this week, I’ve been helping a colleague set up an account, and was inspired again to put it to use.

My colleague works in the college counseling department and helps admissions representatives set up visits at our school site. Last year, we had more than 35 college visits in the the month of September alone.  Coordinating with the reps to schedule those visits can quickly become a challenging task, but using YouCanBookMe makes it much simpler.  You simply provide available times, designating how long each appointment can be, and the admissions rep chooses the time that works for them. Once a time is selected our Google Calendar is automatically populated and a confirmation email is sent to us and to the rep.

Helping to set up this new college visit scheduling calendar inspired me to think about how I could use this scheduling tool to allow more time for collaboration with others in my schedule by getting in on my calendar. Designating weekly times for collaboration would provide a more formal way for faculty lay claim to time when they know I’m available specifically to collaborate.  A schedule for tech help sessions could be shared with students would make it easier for them to get personalized tech support when needed.  I could offer a selection of training sessions or work sessions, and station myself in a central location to quick lessons or support to staff or students for the times selected.

I’m looking forward to using YouCanBookMe next school year.  Can you think of other ways it might
increase collaboration at your site?



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