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Let’s Get Together Thursday – When is the best time? June 12, 2014

Posted by Brooke Ahrens in Check this out!.
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clock_time_stopwatchClasses at my school site ended last week. Summer school starts next week.  So this week, a group of teachers, administrators and counselors met together to do curriculum planning and program development.

Working with colleagues, outside the classroom, beyond the constraints of standards and grades was refreshing. Developing a new academic program encouraged creativity and fresh ideas. It was a great opportunity for collaboration.

But one influence did hinder our progress, mental fatigue. As an institution, we are tired. We’ve worked hard to support our students through the end of the academic year and now that they are gone, we’ve begun the mental process of reviewing this year, while simultaneously preparing for the next school year.  With our minds both in the past and the future, we’re all somewhat distracted in reality of the present.

While I enjoyed our planning time this week, I couldn’t help but wonder, is there a good time to have large groups of educators work together? In August the lure of the new year, curriculum maps and seating charts is all consuming. Mid-year, our focus is often on the task at hand, not long range plans. And end of year, many of us aren’t all here mentally. Our input is important, planning is needed, and change and development can’t happen without our time. But when is the best time?



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