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Monday Means Advocacy: Library Snapshot Day August 11, 2014

Posted by Deanna Harris in Advocacy.
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From the American Library Association advocacy resources:

Library Snapshot Day 

Library Snapshot Day provides a way for libraries of all types across a state, region, system or community to show what happens in a single day in their libraries. How many books are checked out?   How many people receive help finding a job? Doing their taxes? Doing their homework? This initiative provides an easy means to collect statistics, photos and stories that will enable library advocates to prove the value of their libraries to decision-makers and increase public awareness.

School librarians can use Library Snapshot Day to provide a look into their library media programs for administrators and teachers, PTA leaders and parents, district leaders and school board members, as well as community and business partners and government officials.
How would use the Library Snapshot Day plan to advocate for your library media program and school librarians?


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