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Let’s Get Together Thursday – Collaborating with Your Local Public Librarian August 28, 2014

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Today’s guest blogger is Joann Absi, Media Coordinator at Eugene Ashley High School and President of NCSLMA, posting on behalf of the AASL/ALSC/YALSA School/Public Library Cooperation (SPLC) Interdivisional Committee.

SPCL Collaboration

A new school year is about to begin and as you start to get your library organized, get updates on the students you will have this year and reconnect with your faculty, don’t forget to touch base with one more person – your local public librarian. She or he can be a great asset in helping you to develop programs during the school year, meet the afterschool needs of your students and with coordination provide extra resources for your teachers. Set aside some time to discuss each other’s collection to see what resources you both have to offer your students and faculty, what types of programs you would like to collaborate on to enrich your students learning experiences, and the type of services the public library is interested in providing.

The North Carolina School Library Media Association (NCSLMA) and the North Carolina State Library Commission’s Youth Services Advisory Committee conducted a joint survey for school librarians and teachers to find out which types of services we were interested in having provided. We did one survey for elementary librarians and one for secondary librarians. We received many good suggestions which we have made available to both public librarians and our school librarians to make use of during the school year. You might consider doing this in your state or county to get things moving.

Here are a few ideas to suggest to your public librarian to begin the year:

  • Parent information session during open house or a parent night
  • Teacher information session during the beginning work days about services available for them
  • Elementary level: Story time or book talk event to begin the year with and introduce the public librarian to the students  (Book talks are great at any level!)
  • Middle School level: Assistance with Battle of the Book programs
  • High School level: Senior/Capstone Project information session to introduce seniors to the resources available at the public library
  • Discuss major topics or events that your teachers cover during the year and see how each of you can address these topics
  • Look into grants that you can jointly apply for
  • Library card promotion program in September

If you haven’t worked with your public librarian before, this might be one of the strongest new collaborators you can have. Share some ideas that you have found successful.


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